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Modern education with a biblical foundation


Biblical Worldview

At New Generation we believe that all truth is created by God. Through the teaching of subject material from a biblical point of view and daily interaction based on Christian values, we desire to help students understand the world as God created it and see their place in it. For this reason, all of the teachers and other staff at the school are Christians who have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and are continually developing and applying their biblical worldview.


Parental Responsibility

We believe that the God-given responsibility for raising and educating children belongs first and foremost to parents.


In choosing to send their children to New Generation, parents choose to delegate a large part of that responsibility to the teachers and staff of the school. We encourage parents to join our school only if they are ready to form a partnering relationship with us in the pursuit of the educational goals listed below.

Modern Instructional Methods

Modern educational research has shown that students learn and develop differently, and that effective classroom education should include a variety of instructional methods. At New Generation, we are committed to using modern ideas to address the needs of various students and help them develop and succeed academically.

Quality over Quantity

At New Generation we believe that the quality of the information taught is more important than the quantity. Rather than pushing the memorization of many facts, we attempt to teach material in a way that promotes critical thinking, knowledge discovery, and long-lasting information retention.


Philosophy of Education