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Modern education with a biblical foundation



New Generation is first and foremost Christian . All aspects of our programs and atmosphere are founded on a biblical worldview.

  • All subjects are taught from a biblical perspective, rather than the secular perspective usually found in public schools, allowing students to learn about and see the world as God created and sees it.

  • Staff and teachers strive to relate to students and families according to biblical principles, making the atmosphere a safe and enjoyable place for children to learn.

  • Teachers work not just to impart knowledge to students, but to prepare them to use their knowledge and abilities to serve God with their lives.


Most children in Ukraine attend public schools, but many families are beginning to pursue alternative options.  We currently exist to support families who have chosen distance-learning forms of formal education.  Our students receive educational support in both English and Ukrainian that allows them to complete their programs successfully.

Dual Language Program

Students have the opportunity to complete both American and Ukrainian educational programs at the same time, preparing them for a successful life in the modern world.


  • Students study English not as a second language, but instead learn English as they complete American educational courses in an English-speaking setting.

  • After several years, students should speak, read, and write in English at the level and understanding of a native speaker.

  • Students who continue to complete the requirements for both programs in upper school may have the opportunity to earn both American and Ukrainian diplomas.



We are not connected to any one church or denomination. We are open to all who are ready to accept our goals and values.

Small Class Sizes

Classes are limited to 12 students. This allows teachers to spend more time individually addressing the needs of different students in two language programs.